Unzippering Media Ads and its Conventions

6 years ago, Block & White released a new TV commercial for their new lotions. Block & White Lotions are widely used in Asia especially in the Philippines.

The commercial shows a young girl with boys showing off her skills in skateboarding. Her two best friends suddenly dragged her and decides to do a makeover. They went to buy some new clothes and makeup. All of a sudden, they noticed her dark skin and handed her a bottle of the new Block & White lotion. She now transformed from a dark-skinned tomboy-ish into a beautiful skateboarding girl with fair skin who makes boys’ heads turn.

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The convention of the ad’s message to the viewers is showing how effective their whitening lotion is. We can clearly see how the Block & White lotion did made her skin white and with these you can look beautiful and to attract boys.

This TVC is really an eye catching one. The commercial did caught the interest of the viewers with the young girl’s transformation and showing how she became so attractive on the end. Of course anyone who wants to become beautiful and have fair skin would be amazed on this transformation! The talents’ appearance also attracted viewers. The girls shown in this commercial are indeed beautiful. Another is the cutesy theme (like the background music and even the plot) of the commercial in which would be eye-catching especially to teens.

However, the commercial have a conflicting message presented. One of it is that having a white skin is the only way to be beautiful. It’s like they are saying that having a dark skin is not that attractive therefore you must make a way to have your skin white. It also attacks an issue that you need to be beautiful or even use their product to attract boys.

Having a dark skin is also beautiful. Also, having a white fair skin doesn’t mean that you are that beautiful as well. And you don’t need to undergo a lot of ways just to attract boys. Remember, what matters most is you yourself in the inside not the outer appearance, and don’t waste time doing a lot of things just to impress boys. Rather be yourself.

The information in the commercial about how does the whitening process done is present. It says that they used “the power of nature”. The information they’ve given are true and accurate. There are three variants that really tell how effective it is which are the Chinese Natural Pearl (which are usually ground up into a fine powder and used in skin treatments and cosmetics to regenerate and rejuvenate the epidermis), the Papaya and Virgin Coconut Oil (very well-known whitening ingredients which gives moisture, protection, and protection against dryness and skin cracking), and the Japanese Rice with Camellia Oil (having skin more beautiful, supple and smooth). On some reviews I’ve seen, this lotion is effective but the sun protection leaves a doubt. But of course, sunblocks doesn’t guarantee you to keep the fairness of your skin.

There are a lot of policies relating to an issue involved in the commercial. One is the Anti-Discrimination Act of 2011 in the Philippines wherein it states that discrimination includes offending or having an unjust treatment to a category of people in which it is not allowed. Therefore this commercial may fall to discrimination to those who have dark skin and does conform the policy given.

In conclusion, this commercial of Block & White is really an eye-catching one and gives the viewers accurate information about the products. On the other hand, it gives a conflicting message on having a fair white skin. It is your decision as a consumer to decide whether to buy this product because of the well explained information or the message conveyed in the commercial.

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